Offices Currently Available for Lease

With Priority for Nonprofit Organizations Working for Peace and Social Equality

In keeping with the mission of Friends Center, priority for our office space is given to nonprofit groups with tax-exempt status that are dedicated to peacemaking and to fostering equality and social justice.  We seek to create a center where groups working for peace and social justice can collaborate and support one another in their work.

Currently, Friends Center has two closed offices and an adjoining alcove on the first floor of our LEED Platinum-certified 1501 Cherry Street building that are available to lease immediately, either together or separately.

Two closed-door, medium-sized office suites are available immediately in our historic 1520 Race Street building. The two suites are on the third floor of this historic walkup building. One is approximately 845 rentable square feet, and the other is approximately 430 rentable square feet. The larger suite has a small, closed-door office within the larger suite. The smaller suite has a small, closed-door office that is leased to another tenant.

If you are considering a possible future move to Friends Center, please contact Chris Mohr, by phone at 215-241-7191 or click here to email.