What a lovely day to be in love.
Photography by Brae Howard

What a day we had!

We cannot thank you enough for the extra effort to figure out the best indoor plan. It worked perfectly. The food prominent and immediately consumed. The “quiet room” filled with folks with deep conversations. The band and dancing going all out. The video feed went off without a hitch.

The Friends Center staff was helpful and joyful with us. It couldn’t have been better. You made our day wonderful. Thank you.

Beth and Karen, Happily Married, 6/2/18

The Friends Center is prominent in my spiel within the Global Philadelphia Association about what makes Philly unique and outstanding among other great cities. You guys provide a great and much needed “truckstop” for social action and civic engagement… I have lived in many places, and can honestly say that Friends Center is a most unique and city-defining entity.

Christiaan Morssink, Executive Director, UN Association of Greater Phila., 11/3/17

Everything went well.  Really appreciated your staff for being so welcoming that early in the morning.  We will be thinking of your facility again in the future for upcoming events.

Aquanette Washam, JMT, 10/31/17

Thank you for everything you do on a daily basis to make this a vibrant place to work. We are grateful.

Lauren Anderson, Singing City