Our Green Building

Buildings account for 1/3 of all energy use and twice the CO2 emissions of cars.  Forty percent of material in landfills is construction waste and demolition debris.  When we started to plan for renovating Friends Center we realized that to successfully face environmental challenges, we have to pay attention to the impact of our buildings.

As you explore these pages, we hope that you will use our experience to find ways to green your buildings and your life.  Together we can work to preserve everyone’s environmental future.

Learn more about Friends Center’s Green building
You can schedule a tour of Friends Center, arrange a consultation regarding your green building project, and learn about the green technologies adopted by Friends Center.  (To learn more, click here.)

Green Building and Quaker Beliefs  
The renovation of Friends Center was guided by Quaker commitments to peace, equality, simplicity, and integrity.  (To learn more, click here.)

Greening your lifestyle
We have created a listing of resources for greening your home and your life.  We invite you to submit additional resources to be included in the listing.   (To learn more, click here.)

Download Case study on Friends Center’s Geothermal System (PDF)

Download article A Quaker Case for Green Building

Display sign about Friends Center's green roof. The sign is installed on the roof.

Display sign about Friends Center’s green roof. The sign is installed on the roof, courtesy of David Brothers Landscaping.