Rooms 134, 135, & 136

With just enough room for you and a few close colleagues, these modest spaces give the intimate and cozy feel you need to brainstorm and get some hard work done. With room for 8-10 people, Room 134 is equipped with a white board, a table, chairs and no distractions – just enough space to get the job done, the right way. Room 135, designed for 4-8 guests is for perfectly suited for a warm, close-knit group ready to talk, listen and make sound decisions. Last but definitely not least is Room 136. Located right off our fully equipped kitchen, it can accommodate 25-30 guests around a conference table or host a small luncheon with round tables. This room provides just enough space for you, employees and great ideas!

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Room Purpose Guest Capacity
Room 134 Meeting with conference Table 6-8 guests
Luncheons 6-8 guests
Room Purpose Guest Capacity
Room 135 Sitting Room 6-8 guests
Room Purpose Guest Capacity
Room 136 Meeting with conference Table 10-24 guests
Lecture Style Seating in Rows 10-40 guests
Classroom Style With Tables 15-20 guests
Circle of Chairs / Concentric Circles 10-20 guests
Luncheons 10-30 guests